Portable Skills for your Competitive Advantage

The Bachelor of Applied Management is an innovative degree designed to respond to 21st Century employer needs for highly skilled and educated employees.

This Degree will provide graduates with:

  • The critical skills to extend your expertise and professional experience through the application of new techniques and knowledge into ‘real world’, contemporary management practice.
  • The opportunity to become an innovative strategic thinker and outstanding leader.
  • The ability to be skilled communicators who can embrace change, build teams and manage resources.
  • A sound understanding of management principles and concepts with the capability to develop, evaluate and critique management approaches and theories, and effectively apply it to any work role.
  • Skills to embrace technology and become an independent, lifelong learner.

Program Structure

Year 1

Core Courses
BUACC1506  Accounting and Business Decisions
BUEBU1501  eBusiness Fundamentals
BUECO1507  Business Microeconomics
BUHRM1501  Introduction to Human Resource Management
BULAW1502  Fundamentals of Law
BUMGT1501  Management Principles
BUMKT1501  Introduction to Marketing
ITECH1005   Business Information Systems

Year 2

Core Courses
BUENT1531  Innovations in Society
BUGEN1530  Principles of Responsible Business
BUTSM1501  Introduction to Tourism

Recommended Electives*
BUEBU2602  Business to Business Commerce
BUENT2635  Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation 
BUMKT2601  Services Marketing
BUMKT2603  Marketing Research
BUMGT2601  Management Skills

Year 3

Recommended Electives*
BUHRM2603  Staffing Organisations
BUHRM3701  Management of Change and Organisational Development
BUMGT2602  Managerial Research Methods
BUMGT2606  Managing People at Work
BUMGT2621  Business Communications
BUMGT3702  Strategic Management
BUMKT2602  Consumer Behaviour
BUMKT3701  Marketing Communications
BUMKT3702  Marketing Strategy and Analysis                           
BUMKT3730  International Business

* Choose any thirteen (13) courses from the Recommended Electives.

# BUMGT3702 (CEF Course Code: 21Z05431-7) and BUMKT3730 (CEF Course Code: 21Z05432-5) are registered as Reimbursable Courses under Continuing Education Fund (CEF). For more information about CEF, please click here or contact us.

Credit Transfer

Applicants with recognized local or overseas qualifications (e.g. Associate Degree, Higher Diploma, etc.) may apply for Credit Transfer. The maximum number of credit transfer is 240 credits. Applicants receiving maximum credit transfer with a minimum of 2 years work experience in relevant field may enter final year directly. The University will consider on case-by-case basis.